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Our goal is to meet - then exceed your expectation.


Since 1997, T-Shirt Café has dedicated it's efforts to providing exceptional designs on quality printed garments . Whether you're looking for family reunion tees, unique church apparel or corporate promotional items we can meet your every need. With 100's of designs available, & FREE custom art design, we provide you with the highest quality printed shirts at competitive prices.  This is our passion.

You will notice on our site, our main focus is on generating fresh ideas in brilliant color for maximum "Pop Appeal".   We are not just screen printers turning out multiple copies of the same old thing.  When you commission us to provide you with a concept to promote your event or represent your image, we ask the important questions to end up with the best product. 

And best of all we do not charge for designing. 

We create up-to-date designs for the occasion.  Next, we only print on top brand name garments using state of the art image printing.  We now allow our customers to create there own designs and review and modify it instantly online and I need we can tweak the design layout and color scheme FREE of charge.

We are honored and most known for our contemporary Family Reunion designs that many families have chosen as a family tradition.   We continue to develop unique designs on quality garments delivered on a timely basis.  You will find us professional and very accommodating.   Our goal is to meet - then exceed your expectations.


Designs with Pop-Appeal